Your pre-holiday life insurance checklist


Insurance cover acts as a protective umbrella for the rainy days; a safety net for fallouts when unexpected things happen. These events can happen while you’re on holiday too. Here’s how to stay as stress-free as possible this coming ‘silly season’ while basking under the glorious summer sun.

Simply having life cover doesn’t act as a strong enough safety net for those unexpected fallouts. It’s just as important to have a clear understanding of what cover you have in place, and make sure it works for you and meets the needs of your loved ones.

Have you considered whether or not your upcoming vacation plans could influence the validity of your cover? Here, we explore some things worth keeping in mind before you hit the road or take to the skies…

Could your choice of holiday activities influence what your policy covers if something goes wrong?

Perhaps you want to find a quiet spot on one of the country’s pristine beaches and breathe out the built-up anxiety you’ve accumulated throughout a stressful and uncertain year.

Maybe, you’ve felt cooped up for too long under lockdown conditions and are itching to mountain bike your way through the ‘Berg this December, or even indulge in a sailing trip with your nearest and dearest.

Or perhaps, you fancy a more adventurous activity or sport. Remember though, the more adventurous the activity, the higher the chances of a potential injury, if something goes wrong.

Life is meant to be lived to the fullest and enjoyed with the kind of robustness that makes everything you put into it worthwhile. Healthy living should also encompass a vibrant spirit, all while maintaining a realistic and level-headed understanding of the real world and the things that are so often beyond our own control.

What should you tick off on your pre-holiday checklist?

Whether or not you have adventurous plans this summer, you wouldn’t want to put your cover at risk. Ensure that you have the most comprehensive cover your money can buy.

Here are some important things to tick off your checklist beforehand:


Inform your financial adviser if you intend to participate in an activity or sport that could potentially result in an injury if things go awry. You only have cover for some hobbies or hazardous activities if your insurer notes them on your policy. If you don’t tell your insurer about hazardous activities and you get injured, your insurer can reject your claim.


Ensure that your activity offers safety precautions that abide by the best practices (such as training sessions, certified or qualified trainers or guides, well-maintained facilities or a controlled environment). This could help to reduce the severity of risks and thereby better preserve your cover, if you need to claim.


Be mindful about your chosen location or for how long you intend being away for. A few weeks in and around your own country shouldn’t impact your life insurance cover, but a much longer stay of a specific number of consecutive days could be problematic. Certain countries may also be considered as putting you at higher risk of injury(for example: a country currently coping with sizable COVID-19 infection rates or experiencing some kind of political unrest or volatility). If necessary, inform your financial adviser about your plans to ensure that if the worst were to happen while you’re away, you’re not at risk of forfeiting your cover.


Check your policy to make sure whether or not you have enough cover in place for your family’s needs. Are there benefits you’ve been meaning to look at all year, and haven’t gotten to yet? Have your personal circumstances changed?



Aside from adequate travel insurance, which can help with any possible emergency medical care you may need if abroad, having other documents handy will also be beneficial while away from home:

  • Identification copies (ID, passport, driver’s licence and birth certificates)
  • Noted down contact information for who to contact in an emergency (eg family members)
  • Contact information of your financial adviser
  • Copies of your life insurance policy
  • A copy of your most recently signed will

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