Get ready for 2020 with Discovery Health Medical Scheme and Discovery product updates


We recently shared the 2020 Discovery Health Medical Scheme benefit and contribution updates, as well as product enhancements for Discovery Health and Discovery Vitality.

Discovery Health Medical Scheme updates 2020

In 2020, Discovery Health Medical Scheme members will have access to:

  • The Classic Smart Comprehensive Plan, which provides efficient, comprehensive healthcare cover for families using the Smart Plan Network
  • Discovery Coaches who are skilled healthcare professionals that enhance the healthcare and wellness experience of members.
Digital marketing material for 2020

We have enhanced our health plan guides by creating a fully digital and interactive experience for your employees, making it easier to navigate and understand their benefits. You can access these guides on the Employer Zone.

Discovery Primary Care updates 2020
Discovery Primary Care for business employees

For 2020, we have enhanced the Primary Care benefits for business employees to include nurse consultations, specialist consultations, an annual flu vaccine and HIV management, while increasing the cover limits for trauma.

We are introducing nurse-centric care. Primary Care members will have access to unlimited pharmacy clinic consultations with a nurse in our network, supported by telemedicine (remote) consultations with a GP in our network. Employees will be able to walk into a select retail pharmacy or book a consultation with a nurse, receive treatment and collect over-the-counter or prescribed medicine.

Introducing Discovery Primary Care for household employees

In 2020, you and your employees will have the opportunity to buy Primary Care Activate for household employees from R249 a month. This product provides essential day-to-day healthcare benefits like nurse and GP consultations, dentist and optometrist visits, as well as funeral cover, wellness screenings and HIV management.

For an additional premium the Trauma Benefit can be added. This includes access to emergency private healthcare services for a defined range of traumatic events at any private hospital and two post-traumatic event counselling sessions. Primary Care Activate also applies to dependants of employees.

Discovery Healthy Company updates 2020

In 2020, Healthy Company will help employees get active, by providing free access to the Vitality Health Tracker, and a discount benefit for a fitness-tracking device. They will also have access to Healthy Company Goals, which will reward them for regularly engaging with Healthy Company.

Access to the Exercise Ring

All Healthy Company members will get free access to the Exercise Ring and earn Discovery Miles for achieving their weekly goals, up to an annual limit.

Access to Healthy Company Goals

All members of Healthy Company get free access to Healthy Company Goals. Employees are allocated three goals each quarter and earn Discovery Miles for completing these goals, up to an annual limit.

Employees can get up to 50% off a Huawei Band 2 Pro in four simple steps
  1. 1Employees need to activate the device benefit under Vitality Active on the Discovery app
  2. Select the Huawei Band 2 Pro fitness device
  3. Generate a voucher for an upfront discount
    1. If they generate the voucher before completing their Vitality Health Check they will get 25% off
    2. If they generate the voucher after completing their Vitality Health Check, they will get 50% off
  4. Employees will be able to redeem it for their device at Sportsmans Warehouse
Discovery Vitality updates 2020

We have significantly enhanced the Discovery Vitality product offering to make healthy living more accessible and rewarding for all Discovery members.

Discovery Miles: one rewards currency to lead them all

Now it’s even easier to earn more and spend more with Discovery Miles – the one rewards currency that’s bigger and better than ever before. Clients can earn Discovery Miles for getting healthy, driving well and spending responsibly.

Enhanced Vitality Active Rewards

Vitality Active Rewards has become more rewarding in 2020. Clients will instantly earn 100 Discovery Miles and a play on the gameboard for every goal they achieve each week, plus an extra play on the gameboard for achieving all three goals. Plus, now they can spend their Discovery Miles at our exciting new partners such as Netflix, BoxOffice, Typo, Exclusive Books, Cotton On,, Makro and more.

Vitality Active Rewards for Kids and Teens

Introducing Vitality Active Rewards for the whole family, helping parents encourage healthy habits in children from the start. Parents can activate profiles for kids aged two to 13, while teens aged 14 to 17 have access to Vitality Active Rewards. Kids and teens can earn Discovery Miles to spend on age-appropriate rewards at exciting new partners such as Cotton On Kids, Steam, Nandinos and leading brands from

Vitality Active makes healthy living more accessible

Vitality Active has been significantly enhanced to offer members an accessible and rewarding Vitality product. Including gym savings, discounted movies, weekly rewards, funeral cover and more, being healthier has never been more rewarding.

Introducing the 2020 Discovery Integrator

With the 2020 Discovery Integrator, clients can earn up to 5 000 Discovery Miles for completing personalised health checks and activating healthy banking with Discovery Bank. The Discovery Integrator uses the Vitality tracking platform, Discovery Miles and integration between Discovery Bank and the Discovery Health plan range to make it more rewarding for members to go for preventive screening.

Here are more highlights
  • With the new Vitality Health Tracker, clients can track their exercise and learn more about their health at no additional cost.
  • New Vitality points thresholds better reflect members’ health status and reward continued engagement in healthy activities – and clients can now reach Diamond Vitality status in a single year.
  • Vitality members can now spend Discovery Miles at exciting new Vitality Active Rewards partners across various product categories.

For more information, you can read the Discovery Health Employer News and Discovery Vitality Discoverer on the Employer Zone.

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