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Aiming for the gold standard? From entrepreneurship to cyber risks, business insurance to employee wellness and everything in between, find content you need to help you and your company thrive.


Costs are staggering – will your business survive when cyber-criminals strike?

The internet has given businesses new ways to grow and reach customers. Computers and digital innovations have also opened new doors for criminals to target businesses. Don’t become a statistic of the rising cybercrime tide.


The unseen business threats lurking behind virtual doors

Charl Ueckermann, CEO of AVeS Cyber security Joined Fred Roed to talk about cyber threats facing all small, medium and large businesses. The IT and cyber security landscape is changing rapidly and many underestimate the risks.


Traffic and flexible working hours: A challenge for the South African workforce

Could avoiding traffic be the answer to creating a happier South African workforce? This Heritage Month, we look at what employers can change to attract South Africans to a healthier workplace.


Caring for your most important resource - your people

Employee health and wellness programmes are the cornerstone to real business success.


Discovery Health Head of People lights the way for future generations

Zimkhitha Saungweme, Head of People at Discovery Health, ascribes her success to being curious and continuously challenging herself out of her comfort zone, committing fully and being blessed with leaders who believed in her potential and invested in her growth. Today, she is devoted to being a role model for others.


Banking on young South Africans for great returns

Discovery Bank’s Chief Client Officer, Phuti Sebidi, says her personal purpose is to empower young people who need help kick-starting their career.


Balance: having a hold on everything, just not at the same time

Karren Sanderson’s career journey started in the Discovery Health call centre twenty years ago. Today, she is Chief Operating Officer.


Will this be your company's healthiest year yet?

Read more about the assessments you and your employees can do to know more about your health.


Mid-year resolutions to make a real change

Research shows that a focus on regular, short-term challenges – at any time of the year – is the key to changing habits and achieving your goals!


Could your bottom line do with 36 extra days of productivity a year – per employee?

As a business leader, you know how much the strength of your workforce is imperative to your bottom line. But have you considered the effect of their health, wellness and happiness on your productivity?


What trait do high-achievers have in common?

Author of the bestselling book ‘Change Your Habits, Change Your Life’ Tom Corley surveyed over 177 self-made millionaires to understand their daily habits. He found a number of traits they had in common. By taking the time to delve into these, you and your employees could learn valuable habits that breed success.


Nonkululeko Pitje encourages female leaders to be more visible

Nonkululeko Pitje, Head of Employee Health Solutions at Discovery, believes in the power of visibility and that female leaders must be visible to be visionary.


Would you put it on a billboard with your name and the logo of your company?

Today’s world is defined by social media. Social media gives your business the ability to speak to a diverse and large audience. At the same time, social media can be very dangerous to your personal and business brand. Know how to use it well.


Building a business brand? Stay true to your promise and tell the story clearly

Author, marketer and entrepreneur Musa Kalenga speaks to Fred Roed on the HealthyBusiness show about building a brand as an entrepreneur and business owner.


Six tips to success from co-founder of SweepSouth, Aisha Pandor

What is the common thread in most success stories? Aisha Pandor, who started SweepSouth with her husband four years ago, believes it is finding solutions to significant, relevant challenges.


Starting or growing a business – life-cycles and funding

The Healthy Business podcast, powered by Discovery Business Insurance, explores what it takes to start and grow a thriving business. A big part of this is funding, and knowing when and how to scale.


Are your people dying for a paycheck?

The South African workforce is amongst the most stressed in the world, according to a Bloomberg Business survey which rated our stress levels second, only to Nigeria.


Good health give your business a competitive edge

Employees will get sick, it is a fact of life and work. However, the stress of illness can impact entrepreneurs and business owners too.


Is presenteeism damaging your business?

It is important that employers understand the cost of present but disengaged employees on business and ultimately the impact of poor health on a company’s bottom line.


Promoting workplace wellness can make your company more productive

Studies have revealed that half of the South African workforce is unhealthy. This means that 50% of employees have five or more risk factors outside the healthy range, which has led to skyrocketing incidences of lifestyle diseases.


Young employees are at the greatest risk of poor mental health

The latest Britain's Healthiest Workplace study has found that younger employees face three times the risk of mental health issues than their older counterparts. With a workforce that is set to work more years than previous generations, employers need to take charge.


Vitality Drive for Business – protect your business fleet with telematics

Don’t let road accidents and bad driving affect the bottom line of your business – give employees rewards for better driving with the help of smart technology.


Business 101: what insurance do small businesses need to survive? (Part 2)

You’ve built a solid business that’s growing day by day – how do you ensure it keeps growing even when unexpected events occur?


Business 101: do you have a good business plan? (Part 1)

Entrepreneurs are some of the bravest people there are – traversing challenging landscapes to introduce new ideas and start their own businesses. Here’s how to make sure you have what it takes to do it right the first time.


The technology tool box: how technology can help small businesses thrive

How insurers, like Discovery Business Insurance, use smart technologies to help identify business risks that could affect the future success of your business.


Helping your business grow: How to attract and keep the best talent for the job

Your business is like your baby, and you won’t let just anyone take care of it. So, how can you make sure you attract the best people who will help your business grow?


How healthy is your business and which areas can you improve?

Get the answers to make your business better with knowledge from business diagnostic tools and the help of technology.


Can your small business survive a cyber-attack? Risks of today (Part 2)

Cyber security has become top of mind for businesses, big and small. How can you protect your enterprise against cyber-crime?


How social media can damage business reputation: Risks of today (Part 1)

Digital disruption has forever changed the nature of risk – and small businesses need to keep up with this change.


What do entrepreneurs need to grow their business?

In support of small business owners and start-ups, we take a look at how society can help entrepreneurs to grow and succeed.


Better business with Endeavor South Africa: there’s strength in numbers for SMEs and start-ups

Creating better and healthier businesses in partnership with non-profit organisation, Endeavor South Africa.


Top financial planning tips for entrepreneurs: have a sound financial plan

In South Africa’s entrepreneurial landscape, good financial planning is important when it comes to making small businesses not simply survive, but thrive.


Equipping small businesses is key to SA’s long-term success

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) provide employment to 60% of SA’s labour force, but their rate of success is alarmingly low. Discovery Insure’s new business insurance offering aims to address that.


Where has all my money gone? Hidden costs of starting or running a business

You have a great business idea and your customers are lining up. But you are not seeing the matching profits. When it comes to starting or running your own business, you have to consider the unforeseen or hidden costs.

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