You can still reach those 2020 goals, a little differently.


How time flies when you’re ticking off your “to do” list, right? Hopefully you’re still doing everything you said you would when the year began just slightly differently. With constant change the promises you made to yourself don’t have to be put on hold, in fact, choosing to readjust some of those goals might be in order to cope with the current situation.

Did you promise yourself that you would…

  • Exercise more often? You still can! With modified home fitness routines (keep going!)
  • Eat more healthily? Being at home means you can start that menu plan and cook those wholesome meals (don’t give up on those greens!)
  • Flex more that brain muscle? Dust off that puzzle box and stack up the Sudoku  (after all, a healthy body needs a healthy mind)

If not, do not fear – there’s still time. With every new day, there comes an opportunity to hit that restart button and try again, but this time around don’t just focus on the now – think bigger than the present moment; think about your future and that of those you love too.

Malcom X said it best - “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.” So, the big question is… have you updated your life plan to fit your current lifestyle and secure the future?

Why life insurance is so important

It’s true what they say; ‘no one knows what the future holds’ and that is why life insurance is so important. With life’s many uncertainties, having life insurance protects you and your loved ones in the long-run.

By having a good life plan, you’ll have a dependable source of financial protection for those who matter most to you should you become ill or disabled and can no longer work, or if the worst happens, and your life is cut short. No one wishes to have to think about such circumstances, but the reality is that they can happen. Wouldn’t you want to be better prepared? A comprehensive financial plan can help you to do just that. What a way to secure those you love!

Whether you’re starting out in your career, stepping into a new job, raising a family or you’re about to enjoy a well-earned retirement, life insurance is a significant part of a sound financial plan. It helps to provide your loved ones with a reliable means of financial security when its most needed.

Choosing a plan tailored for your needs

As you grow older, what matters to you will change, and so should your life insurance plan. With so many life insurance products available in the market, it’s important to carefully choose one that is tailored for you and your needs, and keep it up to date. It’s always a good idea to consider all your options and see what best suits you and your lifestyle – now and in the foreseeable future.

As one of the leading insurance companies in the market, Discovery Life offers potential clients the opportunity to get a quote in 60 seconds. It’s that simple to get a quote on a relatively sound financial plan that takes care of you and those most important to you.

 All that’s needed to get started is to enter in your age, gender, occupation and the number of dependents you may have (if applicable) on the claims calculator. This creates a basic profile and informs all that is needed to start laying the groundwork of your ideal plan. From there, you’re able to see how much a basic monthly premium would cost, giving you the starting point you need to tailor your plan in a way that best meets your needs.

You could get half your Discovery Life premiums back with Vitality

Let’s get back to those goals you set for a healthier 2020 - eating healthily, exercising more and going for checkups and screenings that ensure that your overall health is in tip top condition. What if we told you that by achieving all such healthy goals, you can earn up to half of your premiums back on a Discovery Life Plan?

You absolutely can! You can earn up to 50% of your life insurance premiums back through the PayBack benefit when you link your Discovery Life Plan to other Discovery products. Brilliant!

Getting into the habit of saving

Thinking about your future also needs to factor in your retirement days. An important thing to add to your to do list this year; SAVE MORE.

Saving now better prepares you for a financially secure future – you know what they say ‘what you put in, is what you get out’, so give your future self financially secure days by putting away adequate savings on a consistent basis. It’s a healthy habit that will truly benefit you. You’ll be grateful that you had such a healthy habit when the time comes around that you need to depend on these savings for a quality life.

It’s a new year, a new month and a brand new opportunity to not only take stock of your lifestyle and needs, but to proactively do things right. So, secure the future of your loved ones in the best ways anyone possibly can and talk to an accredited financial adviser today. After all, your life is your responsibility, and by putting together a plan that’s sufficiently tailored for you, you can ensure a quality life for those you love the most, when they need it the most.

Here’s to the best days of your life, with the right people looking after you.

Discovery Life – a plan tailored for you.


Fund your child's future with the game-changing Global Education Protector

Considering the current pace of education inflation, how important is an offering that helps you comprehensively protect your children's actual costs of education?

Discovery Life's enhanced Global Education Protector is designed to meet the growing challenge of funding education. It does this not only by ensuring that your child's education (whether local or international) is protected if you or your spouse suffers a life-changing event, but, in a game-changing move, also funds up to 100%* your children?s tertiary tuition fees, even if you don?t claim, when you simply lead a healthy lifestyle.

The three Global Education Protector benefits on offer (the Core, Private and Dollar options) provide the same key benefits at different levels of cover. Find out more about this ground-breaking new offering here.

*subject to the limits set by Discovery Life. Discovery Life Limited. Registration number 1966/003901/06, is a registered long-term insurer, and an authorised financial services and registered credit provider, NCR Reg No. NCRCP3555. Product rules, terms and conditions apply.

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