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Your ultimate guide to eating healthily at home


Why eating well is so important

When you understand the far-reaching benefits of feeding your body nutritious foods, you'll be more motivated to do it every day.

Here you'll find insights, tips, and home-cooking hacks to help you turn healthy eating into a lifestyle you love. Visit our Vitality Home-Cooking Channel for demos and recipe ideas to get you through the week.

Plus, Vitality HealthyFood Studio live chef enables a personal video-call with a fun and professional master chef! Learn the tricks of the trade first-hand as you cook and connect together from the comfort of your very own kitchen.

Understand your nutrition needs

Your everyday nutrition is largely determined by what you buy, whether you cook from scratch often, and what and how you eat. By changing three simple but powerful actions, you can develop a healthier relationship with food, and nourish your body with good health.

Tips and advice on buying better, cooking healthier and eating mindfully

Can you guess how much hidden sugar is in your drink of choice? You'll be surprised to find out!

Discovery Vitality dietitian Terry Harris shares insights on just what was on our plates during lockdown.

Vitality Dietitian Terry Harris on why cooking at home is important.

Chef Dereck shares tips and tricks for turning 5 of your favourite recipes into healthy dishes

Steps to shopping safely

Repacking your pantry

What do you most want to know about healthy eating?
Q&A with a Vitality dietitian

Additional resources

Find high-quality content from trusted sources to help you buy, cook and eat healthier every day.

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COVID-19 outbreak | Everything you need to know.

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