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You can choose how you would like to measure your driving behaviour - with either the smartphone-enabled or standalone DQ-Track.

The smartphone-enabled DQ-Track gives you the opportunity to earn more Vitality Drive points, more easily. It consists of the Discovery Insure app and our Vitality Drive Sensor device, and uses accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS data to measure your driving behaviour. It also gives you immediate trip feedback as well as detailed feedback on driving events including cellphone use, and the ability to compete with other drivers.

Learn more about the smartphone-enabled DQ-Track, including compatible smartphones, data charges and other costs, the app's features and how it measures your driving behaviour. Read the Discovery Insure app's privacy policy and terms of use.

Stolen vehicle tracking and recovery is automatically included on the standalone DQ-Track for a monthly fee of R85 per car, per month.

All devices offer access to safety features such as Impact Alert, which can detect when you've been in a severe accident and we can send help immediately if we can't get hold of you, warnings of imminent bad weather and the ability to earn Vitality Drive rewards for driving well.

A R150 activation fee is payable immediately when you choose your DQ-Track. This activation fee is at a plan level, meaning that even if you have three vehicles on your plan and choose to install a DQ-Track in all the vehicles, you will only pay one activation fee.

When you join Vitality Drive through Drive your Discount, your driving behaviour will be measured by the Discovery app at no additional cost. To get access to safety features, you can install a smartphone-enabled DQ-Track and pay a R150 activation fee per Plan.

You can make an online appointment to have a standalone DQ-Track installed or call us on 0860 751 751.

If you're on the Purple or Classic Plan and live in a main metropolitan area, you can have your standalone DQ-Track installed at a place you choose. Where this service is not available, we'll let you know where you can take your car to have the device fitted. If you're on the Essential Plan, you'll need to have your device installed at your nearest fitment centre.

The standalone DQ-track is installed by a skilled technician who hides the device inside your vehicle. The installation will take 2 to 3 hours.

You can collect your Vitality Drive Sensor at any Tiger Wheel & Tyre in South Africa or your nearest Discovery Drive Centre. They will also help you install the device and link it to your Discovery Insure app.

You can also link your Vitality Drive Sensor by following the prompts on the Discovery app yourself.

To get the most from Vitality Drive, you need to install one of our telematics devices. These measure how you drive and give you access to our safety features. You can choose between:

  • The Vitality Drive Sensor, a smartphone-enabled device that uses the latest telematics technology and works with the Discovery Insure app. It provides accurate and immediate driver behaviour feedback after each trip.
  • The Crowd Search Sensor, which is the same as the Vitality Drive Sensor but with enhanced stolen-vehicle recovery (SVR) technology for an additional monthly fee.
  • The standalone DQ-Track, if you don't have a smartphone that's compatible with the Vitality Drive or Crowd Search Sensor. It includes SVR for an additional monthly fee.

You'll need to pay a once-off fee of R150 when you activate your device we'll deduct the fee with your first premium.

You can download more information about Vitality Drive devices

If your trips aren't being recorded and you have a Vitality Drive Sensor or the Crowd Search sensor, make sure your phone's Bluetooth, GPS and mobile data are on. Also check that you've installed the latest version of the Discovery Insure app and that it's linked to your Vitality Drive Sensor.

If you don't have a Vitality Drive Sensor, collect one at your nearest Tiger Wheel & Tyre or Discovery Drive Centre.

If none of these solves the problem, or if you have a standalone DQ-Track, please speak to your financial adviser or call us on 0860 751 751.

When you install the standalone DQ-Track in your car, you can use DQ Mapper to manage your trips and track your car in real time. You can also generate various business or personal trip reports. The DQ Mapper is not available with the smartphone-enabled DQ-Track.

If you've installed the standalone DQ-Track, you can visit our website to access DQ Mapper

Here are the ways to check your DQ-Track's functionality:

Testing your standalone DQ-Track by SMS

  1. 1. Create a new SMS on your cellphone.
  2. 2. Type in the letter T or P.
  3. 3. Using the international +27 number format, send the SMS to the DQ-Track cell tracking number given to you during installation.
  4. 4. You'll receive an SMS from DQ-Track confirming your car's location within minutes.
  5. 5. You may not receive the SMS immediately if your car is out of GSM coverage (for example, a remote area where GSM coverage is poor, like a parking basement).

Testing your standalone DQ-Track online with DQ Mapper

  1. 1. Log in to here.
  2. 2. A new window will appear. Click on 'Access DQ Mapper'.
  3. 3. A new window will appear showing both a map and a list of cars on your plan that have a DQ-Track installed.
  4. 4. Click on any of these cars to see their location.

Testing your smartphone-enabled DQ-Track

You can see if your Vitality Drive sensor is connected on the ""My vehicles (Vitality Drive sensors)"" screen in ""Settings"" on an iPhone and on the 'Active Vitality Drive sensors' screen for Android. You'll see this within the first 10 minutes of activation at the time of installation. To check if your Vitality Drive sensor is connected at any other point, go to ""About"", then ""List Vitality Drive sensors"" on an Android device, and for iPhone, tap on ""Account details"" and then ""Your cars"". You can also see if the Vitality Drive sensor is connected while driving by seeing a green bar that says 'DQ Connected' on the Dashboard. This will only appear in driving mode.

If you are using a Samsung device and have recently upgraded to Android Operating System 9 (OS 9), make sure that your Discovery Insure app is not in hibernation mode. Here is a step by step guide on how to take your Discovery Insure App out of hibernation mode so we can continue to measure your driving behavior.

When you cancel your car insurance or change your insured vehicles, we need to remove the standalone DQ-Track from your vehicle. If you don't have it removed, you'll pay a penalty fee.

You can book an online appointment to have your DQ-Track removed or contact us on 0860 751 751.

The Crowd Search Sensor now offers you an additional layer of protection, using new telematics technology. You'll receive notifications when your vehicle is moving and your phone is not present, alerting you to possible theft of your vehicle.

With Motion Alert, Discovery Insure can detect when a vehicle is being driven without the primary driver's cellphone present. The cellphone won't be linked to the Crowd Search Sensor. We'll send a notification to the primary driver informing them that their vehicle is being driven. The primary driver can either request emergency assistance or let us know they're aware that the vehicle is being driven by someone else.

To get Motion Alert, you must have an active Vitality Drive programme and a working Crowd Search Sensor.

The Motion Alert notification is sent to the primary driver. They can then respond by notifying Insure24 to initiate emergency services. Alternatively, they can disable the notification for a specific time frame or dismiss the alert if they're aware that their vehicle is being driven.

If the primary driver does not respond to the notification after some time, an SMS will be sent to the primary driver's phone. Thereafter, a notification will be sent to the planholder's phone.

The information from your DQ-Track will be used to measure your driving behaviour and track the location of your vehicle in the event of a severe incident.

We will not use information from your DQ-Track when approving claims. The only time we will use the data from your DQ-Track in the claims process is to verify the time and location of an incident.

If you are involved in an accident and want to use data from the DQ-Track to prove your innocence and claim money from a third party, we will help you do so too. Discovery Insure, however, will not use such information without your permission.

What to do in a vehicle or household emergency

If you need help in a vehicle or household emergency, contact Discovery 911 on 0860 999 911.

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