Discovery Insure invites all South Africans to earn rewards for driving well!


If you haven’t joined the Vitality Open, you’re missing out. We are making Vitality Active Rewards open to all South Africans, even if you are not a client. Until the end of November 2018, you get the opportunity to enjoy Vitality Drive rewards for simply driving well.

Drive event free for 100 consecutive kilometres every week and you will be able to earn reward points to spend on rewards like coffees, smoothies and meals, or even BIGGER rewards like shopping vouchers, spoils, gadgets and even holidays.

If you reveal a diamond you can stand a chance to win flights for life, fuel for life, movies for life and a range of other “for life” prizes.

Here’s how it works:

Register for Vitality Open

  • Download the Discovery app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Register for Vitality Open.
  • Follow the prompts on the Discovery app.
  • Download the Discovery Insure app to measure your driving behaviour and start getting rewarded.

Drive well and earn rewards

Employees can easily earn rewards every week by simply by driving well. What does “drive well” mean to the average road user? To drive event-free you need to have smooth acceleration, smooth braking, smooth cornering, driving within the speed limit, reduced night-time driving, no cellphone use, i.e. a 4 or 5 Star trip on our driving app.  If you reach your weekly goal you earn a play on our game board which reveals Vitality reward points which can be converted into awesome rewards. By driving well you also earn a Driver Performance Score (DPS) which helps you understand how good a driver you are and compare yourself with friends.

Enjoy guaranteed reward for 6 months when you sign up with Discovery Insure

It doesn’t end there. If you love being rewarded for safer driving, sign up with Discovery Insure before 15 December 2018 and we will give you guaranteed cash rewards for six months, based on your driving behavior. You need a score of at least 300 DPS to qualify for the guaranteed reward and you can earn up to 50% back in cash rewards.

You can request to be called back for a quote via the Discovery app. You will select to either have a broker or Discovery agent to contact you. Once you accept your quote, we will use your Vitality Open DPS to calculate your guaranteed reward. Your Vitality Open DPS will either be your score when you requested someone to call you or your score when you accepted your quote, whichever score is higher. This score will be the minimum score used to calculate your guaranteed reward.

After the six-month period, you will be able to earn up to 50% of your fuel spend back every month based on how well you drive. All you have to do is link your Vitality Drive card and swipe it when you fill up at participating BP or Shell service stations. Click here for more information.

Earn weekly rewards for driving well

Vitality Drive Active Rewards is a unique programme that allows you to earn weekly rewards – like a coffee, smoothie, popcorn, airtime or discounted car wash – for driving event-free for 100 consecutive kilometres. Active Rewards is available to all Vitality Drive clients.

Your phone can now talk to us if you can't

With Discovery Insure’s panic button, your phone can talk to us if you find yourself in danger and need help fast. Press your Android smartphone’s power button at least five times in quick succession to alert us if you find yourself in an emergency situation. We’ll be able to track exactly where your vehicle is and send a response team to help.

Discovery Insure's Impact Alert sends help when you need it most

Wish you had the technology to call for help when you most need it? Discovery Insure's Impact Alert feature can detect when you've been in an accident. If we can't get hold of you immediately, we'll send emergency assistance to your location, while our Vehicle panic button can be used to alert emergency services when you're in your car and need help.

Rely on Discovery Insure when it counts: Find out more about this benefit here.

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