Saving for Retirement

A lifetime of service deserves some rest, but retiring well in the future means planning for it today. Learn how to save enough for retirement and how to manage your funds wisely once you’ve retired.


Make your home an asset, not a liability

We all look forward to a comfortable, worry-free retirement. One obvious way to ensure you have a worry-free retirement is making sure that you don’t have to worry about how you will pay for where you will live.


Saving to live past 100 years

Do you dream of the day you can head into a wonderful retirement of travel, gardening and leisurely lunches? Are you saving to ensure that come retirement age, you are covered? And are you also considering that you could live to the ripe old age of 100?


Retirement and tax – what you need to know: Part 1

Tax laws have likely changed a lot since your youth and adulthood, and these changes can affect your retirement savings. While you need to consider the impact of tax when planning your retirement savings strategy, it shouldn’t be your primary concern. Here’s Part 1 of a handy guide.


Retirement and tax – what you need to know: Part 2

Navigating tax implications before and during retirement can be tricky. In Part 2 of our series on the topic, we consider more tax-related factors that might affect your financial decision-making.


Boosting your retirement savings through shared-value life cover

Life cover that allows you to get a substantial portion of your premiums back by encouraging and helping you to get healthy and stay healthy lets you benefit while you are still alive. Here is how Benna Koorsten boosted his retirement savings by R2.7 million.


Make your experience and time work for you

Work is a reason to get up. You earn a regular income and meet people. It does not have to change. Your experience, hobbies and interests can generate extra income while you keep living a full life.


Are you financially prepared for living longer?

We have all heard "50 is the new 40". It may be truer than you think. The world over people are living longer. Although longevity is a positive, financial behaviour combined with other knock-on effects of a longer life have to be considered.

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