The Healthy Business Show

Are you an entrepreneur? Then our Healthy Business Show is for you! Tune in to gain insights and inspiration from experts on what it takes to start, grow and prosper a business.


Starting a business – a titan’s tips on what it takes

In 1992, Discovery was a small business breaking into the market. Barry Swartzberg chats about why, when it comes to entrepreneurship, you need to 'fall in love with the process’. Listen to his insights on growing a business recently ranked as the second-strongest insurance brand in the world.


The psychology of an entrepreneur

What mindset does it take to ‘make it’ in business? Is work-life balance a myth? What turns great employees disloyal, and how damaging is burnout really? Open your mind with this fascinating in-depth discussion about the psychological dynamics of leading a business.


Secrets of start-up success

SA’s challenges are a breeding ground for innovative opportunities, says SweepSouth CEO Aisha Pandor. Hear about her journey from small idea to start-up sensation, and how she and her co-founder hubby address societal needs while running a thriving business.


Present your idea

Why is it important for entrepreneurs to learn to present themselves, sell their ideas and communicate well? In this episode, you’ll meet the man who started SA's largest presentation firm and get practical tips on how to present your ideas effectively.


Grow your business

In developed nations, the SME sector contributes around 90% to employment, while in SA it sits around 50%. Endeavor, a non-profit organisation dedicated to high-impact entrepreneurship, knows just what SA businesses need to really take off.


Stop, collaborate and listen

The right partners make all the difference. What are some secrets to solid business relationships? Mike Anderson, CEO of NSBC, and Jos Dirkx, an international consultant, share their experiences in attracting lasting business partnerships.

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