Covering what you care about

Your loved ones, your income and your possessions are all worth working for, and so they're all worth protecting. Learn the ins and outs of long- and short-term insurance here.


“Why I’m upbeat despite my prostate cancer diagnosis”

Darren Robertson thought he was too young to get cancer but his annual health checks showed stage 1 prostate cancer. But, early detection means better outcomes and his Discovery Life cover gave him and his family peace of mind.


How Discovery created life insurance that helps you live longer, and healthier.

A chance meeting in 1999 between former colleagues, Adrian Gore and Herschel Mayers sparked a vision for a new generation of life insurance – one which rewards you while you are still alive – and helps you to live longer.


Motherhood can have one less worry when you are covered

Science says your body and mind will never be the same after having a child – and neither will your insurance cover.


Self-care: what it means in insurance terms

Don’t discount the need to cover and protect your most important asset: yourself.


How much life insurance do women need

How much life insurance do women need? Life expectancy is longer for women, what does this mean in terms of insurance risk.


Stay-at-home parents need insurance cover

Stay at home parents: Why insurance cover for the parent who provides support that goes beyond the financial, is as important as cover for those who work.


Newly-wed Nxumalo’s deal with a tragic diagnosis

With their promising careers curbed, the life insurance cover helped them overcome some of the financial difficulties they experienced


The road to recovery after losing a leg: Duane van Zyl shares his story

Discovery Life member Duane van Zyl explains how his state-of-the-art leg prosthesis has helped him live life to the fullest after losing his left leg.


"I matter. I matter equally" - Why women need life insurance

It's time to say goodbye to the gender insurance gap – men and women need life insurance equally, regardless of their roles in the household or society. Women’s lives are valuable, and need to be protected.


Equipping small businesses is key to SA’s long-term success

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) provide employment to 60% of SA’s labour force, but their rate of success is alarmingly low. Discovery Insure’s new business insurance offering aims to address that.


Taking care of business when a loved one passes away

Planning a funeral could see seen as a way to celebrate the life of the person who's passed on, but it can also add strain to an already emotional and stressful time. Here are some guidelines on what to do when a loved one passes.


Discovery Life helped to make the De Moura family both healthier and wealthier

Manny de Moura's Discovery Life and Vitality integrated benefits make great financial sense.

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