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Your loved ones, your income and your possessions are all worth working for, and so they're all worth protecting. Learn the ins and outs of long- and short-term insurance here.


Get your maximum PayBack of up to 100% when you choose to get vaccinated against COVID-19

The Vaccination Max PayBack Offer serves to encourage you, as a new Discovery Life client, to fully vaccinate yourself against the adverse health effects of COVID 19. By receiving a vaccination, you can earn yourself the maximum PayBack available on your plan on your first policy anniversary


3 types of insurance to keep your business from bankruptcy

In the last year, the economic impact of COVID-19 has highlighted the huge need for businesses to protect against unforeseen events.


What are the benefits of having offshore life insurance?

Is it possible to get comprehensive life cover with a full range of offshore risk protection solutions and payouts in the world's most commonly used global currency, the US dollar?


How to get the most out of the education protection for your children

Here's how you can create a financially protective plan in the event that your passing or an illness or disability impedes your ability to fund your child's education.


Efficient ways to achieve a pandemic-proof year

Through a global pandemic, we all instantly came face to face with our own mortality in a starkly new way. Many of us have not lived through such an impactful event before; and as we head into 2021, we can almost be sure that this new crisis is now very much entrenched in all of our lives.


What is Estate Planning and why do you need it?

It's a serious subject - but how many of us take it all that seriously? So, what is estate planning really all about and why should it matter in your life, perhaps even a lot sooner than you think it should?


Your pre-holiday life insurance checklist

Insurance cover acts as a protective umbrella for the rainy days; a safety net for fallouts when unexpected things happen. These events can happen while you're on holiday too. Here's how to stay as stress-free as possible this coming 'silly season' while basking under the glorious summer sun.


Survive the silly season and celebrate life

For all of us, 2020 has been quite a year - and it's not quite behind us yet. We had to stop in our tracks to implement the safety precautions necessary to see us through a major health crisis.


Celebrating 20 Years of bringing innovation to life

It was the year 2000 when minds came together to do something the life insurance industry had yet to consider. They had a particular vision - To create a life insurer with the purpose of providing the most comprehensive protection available, but also to incentivise people to proactively manage their own health in order to lead more prosperous lives.


Insurance cover that continues to encourage healthier living

As a business, Discovery Life continues to seek protective solutions for the unexpected risks people face, while also striving to enhance quality of life.


Disability protection that can give you a new lease on life

Could you cope financially if you or a member of your family were suddenly impacted by a disability? This is where a life insurance policy can help.


Protecting your children's career dreams with education cover

As a parent, encouraging children to have career goals and dreams in their lives is an important part of raising them. How can you ensure that their educational futures are protected?


Tygerberg Hospital ophthalmologist recounts his COVID 19 experience

Dr Freddie van der Colff, a Registrar in Ophthalmology at one of the largest hospitals in the country, realised he may have contracted COVID 19 at the beginning of June - a time when the Western Cape would begin to experience a surge in infections.


Medical doctor acted quickly when she suspected COVID-19 exposure

Dr Lee-Anne Coetzee learned of her diagnosis towards the end of April this year. As a medical doctor, it was through her line of work that she experienced the effects of COVID-19 first-hand.


COVID-19 - In conversation with Discovery Life's Chief Medical Officer

It's fairly safe to say that there isn't a person on earth who is not affected by COVID-19 in some way or another. The pandemic has fundamentally altered the ways of the world. We chatted to Dr Maritha van der Walt; Discovery Life's Chief Medical Officer to get her clinical perspective on this incredible challenge we all face today.


Sharing the value of life

Shared-value insurance. It's written in Discovery's DNA. We speak of its importance to our business often and strive to find ways to make it impactful to every client every day.


One size doesn't fit all: tailoring life insurance for today's women

We delve into some of the reasons more South African women should consider taking out life insurance cover with comprehensive benefits that protect against risks most relevant to them.


"I honestly didn't think I had COVID-19"

A Discovery Life policyholder and Discovery Health Medical Scheme member found herself unexpectedly tested for COVID-19 in March this year. With virtually no signs of illness, her positive result came as a surprise.


Enhanced protection for today's severe illness needs

During these times of uncertainty, health and wellbeing now has an added layer of meaning for us all. So, in what way can the life insurance industry better support this? Deputy CEO of Discovery Life, Gareth Friedlander shares with us how a new severe illness solution can.


You've worked hard to ensure the success of your business. Now, protect it.

You've taken risks to build your business and are driven by a vision to see it grow from strength to strength. Your business feels as though it's a part of you. So, how do you go about protecting it from life's curveballs? Discovery Life's Business Life Plan can help.


Helping to protect your legacy with the most bespoke cover

What if we told you that life insurance benefits could be customisable to better suit your long-term protection needs? With a Purple Life Plan from Discovery, even more protective cover using a full range of benefits can be - and well into your retirement years too.


Double the PayBack in your pocket

With the new Double PayBack Benefit you could earn additional cash rewards through your Discovery Life plan - Giving you up to 100% of your premiums back in cash


The benefit of a rewarding retirement

Is it possible to reduce your life insurance premiums during your retirement years just by living healthily beforehand? Discovery Life thinks so.


Funeral cover versus life cover - know the difference

Life insurance cover and stand-alone funeral plans are basically the same thing, right? Well, not exactly. Here, we break down some of the basic differences between the two.


5 things to consider when getting financial support for funeral-related costs

Losing a family member is never easy. Along with coping with the loss, there are also many costs that make it feel more overwhelming. A funeral plan can help ease at least some of this financial stress. With Discovery Life Funeral Plans, you and your family members can each get cover of between R10 000 and R60 000 (children cover amounts may be smaller depending on their age). With many funeral cover options available, it's good to understand exactly what your cover includes and how long it is available.


Support with funeral-related costs and extra financial safety in a difficult time

Planning a funeral and adjusting to life when a loved one dies are some of the hardest things to face. While these costs differ for adults and children and can vary considering cultural and religious beliefs, it is estimated that funerals cost anything between R6 000 and R50 000. With a Discovery Life Funeral Plan, you'll have enough for these costs and additional financial support.


What if we took care of your medical aid premiums?

Medical aid cover is a safety net designed to protect you and your family. Few of us can afford to be without it, which is why you should be able to maintain your cover in the event of unforeseen events.


Your first step to a better life in 2020

Welcome to the year 2020. You're hopefully exercising often, eating healthily and going for regular health checks - but have you updated your life plan? Now is the time to plan for your family's future and to make sure you're protected for the long run.


Tackling a mental health crisis: Ten steps to authentic resilience

Medical research shows that mental health challenges are the biggest hurdle humankind will face this lifetime. It will take true resilience to survive it, says author and life coach, Gabi Lowe.


"Why I'm upbeat despite my prostate cancer diagnosis"

Darren Robertson thought he was too young to get cancer but his annual health checks showed stage 1 prostate cancer. But, early detection means better outcomes and his Discovery Life cover gave him and his family peace of mind.


How Discovery created life insurance that helps you live longer, and healthier.

A chance meeting in 1999 between former colleagues, Adrian Gore and Herschel Mayers sparked a vision for a new generation of life insurance - one which rewards you while you are still alive - and helps you to live longer.


Motherhood can have one less worry when you are covered

Science says your body and mind will never be the same after having a child - and neither will your insurance cover.


Self-care: what it means in insurance terms

Don't discount the need to cover and protect your most important asset: yourself.


How much life insurance do women need

How much life insurance do women need? Life expectancy is longer for women, what does this mean in terms of insurance risk.


Stay-at-home parents need insurance cover

Stay at home parents: Why insurance cover for the parent who provides support that goes beyond the financial, is as important as cover for those who work.


Newly-wed Nxumalo's deal with a tragic diagnosis

With their promising careers curbed, the life insurance cover helped them overcome some of the financial difficulties they experienced


The road to recovery after losing a leg: Duane van Zyl shares his story

Discovery Life member Duane van Zyl explains how his state-of-the-art leg prosthesis has helped him live life to the fullest after losing his left leg.


"I matter. I matter equally" - Why women need life insurance

It's time to say goodbye to the gender insurance gap - men and women need life insurance equally, regardless of their roles in the household or society. Women's lives are valuable, and need to be protected.


Equipping small businesses is key to SA's long-term success

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) provide employment to 60% of SA's labour force, but their rate of success is alarmingly low. Discovery Insure's new business insurance offering aims to address that.


Taking care of business when a loved one passes away

Planning a funeral could see seen as a way to celebrate the life of the person who's passed on, but it can also add strain to an already emotional and stressful time. Here are some guidelines on what to do when a loved one passes.


Discovery Life helped to make the De Moura family both healthier and wealthier

Manny de Moura's Discovery Life and Vitality integrated benefits make great financial sense.

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