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Are things really bad and getting worse? The case for positive leadership

In this opinion piece by Adrian Gore, founder and Group Chief Executive of Discovery Limited, he argues that while South Africa faces many challenges, only a vision-based leadership that is both clear-sighted and hopeful will help us solve them.


From economic growth to the risk of superbugs at this year’s Discovery Leadership Summit 2018

Business leaders, economists and world leaders gathered at the 2018 Discovery Leadership Summit and shared their views on the role of leadership in society. Economic growth, the subject of innovation and behavioural economics were high on the agenda.


Get more from your workday

Caroline Webb is a thought-leading economist, leadership coach and author of the neuroscience-backed book, How To Have A Good Day. Here are her key steps to improving your chances of saying a cheery ‘Great!’ when asked: ‘So how was your day at work?’


How would you make the world healthier?

We asked Lord Jim O’Neill he would make the world healthier and he immediately spoke of tackling the ‘greatest global crisis of antimicrobial resistance’. Here, he balances the cost of solving this crisis against the cost of doing nothing.


The innovator’s opportunity

Discovery prioritses both people-orientated product design and disruptive innovation. At first glance, it appears the two won’t mix, but Harvard Professor, Clayton Christensen – who coined the term “disruptive innovation” – says they can and do.


Caster Semenya, a new kind of hero

Olympic Gold medallist, Commonwealth Games champion, and Discovery Vitality Ambassador, Caster Semenya, talks about the new dawn of personal values in sport – By guest author Gus Silber


Global expert on good days

We sat down with economist, leadership coach and global productivity expert Caroline Webb to get insights from her book, How To Have A Good Day, and some neuroscientific 'brain hacks' to help you flourish at work – both mentally and emotionally.


R7.2 million raised for charity through MoveToGive

Be inspired by learning just how much Vitality Active Rewards members have given back to society by achieving their goals and donating their rewards to fellow South Africans in need.


Changing insurance, for good

Discovery CEO, Adrian Gore, looks back to the start of the Discovery journey and the evolution to where we are today – a business which has been able to align our core purpose of making people healthier, enhancing and protecting lives with our commercial interests.


The water crisis is everyone's crisis. Join us in making a difference

The responsibility to treat water as a precious natural resource is on all of us. Discovery is acting to create more natural water sources, to donate water and to prevent illness in water-scarce areas. Here's how you can be part of these efforts.


How will the increase in VAT be implemented across Discovery?

On 21 February 2018, Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba announced a one percentage point increase in value-added tax (VAT) from 14% to 15%, effective from 1 April 2018.


Sumitomo Life launches Vitality in Japan

Vitality is a compelling behaviour change platform that partners with leading insurers and forward-thinking employers around the world. More than 8 million people globally engage in the Vitality health programme, and as of 24 July 2018, clients in Japan can too.

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