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Get to know Discovery Vitality Ambassador Tatjana Schoenmaker

Discovery Vitality Ambassador Tatjana Schoenmaker is an Olympic-medallist, World and African record holder, first SA female gold medallist in swimming in 25 years.

Meet Discovery Vitality Ambassador Lukhanyo Am

Get to know Discovery Vitality Ambassador Lukhanyo Am, one of the toughest and most talented rugby players in the world.

Meet Discovery Vitality Ambassador Makazole Mapimpi

Get to know Discovery Vitality Ambassador Makazole Mapimpi, scorer of South Africa's historic Rugby World Cup final try, and talent powerhouse.

Makazole Mapimpi and Lukhanyo Am join as Discovery Vitality Ambassadors

Makazole and Lukhanyo had an unconventional and fairly late start in rugby, but this was followed by a meteoric rise to success due to their incredible talent and dedication.

Your privacy matters

In line with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), we are taking every precaution to ensure that we protect your personal information. Here is a quick description of the improvements we will implement in the next few months.

Meet KG - tennis Paralympian and Discovery Vitality Ambassador

Meet our newest Discovery Vitality Ambassador, Kgothatso 'KG' Montjane - a three-time Paralympian currently ranked 6th in the world, and the first ever black South African woman to compete at Wimbledon. We get up close and personal here!

Make a date with 2021

With 2021 merely weeks away, it's time to start the new year with new focus and energy.

Fearless leaders in fearful times

South Africa is up there with the best when it comes to leaders who walk the talk and don't shy away from making tough decisions when times are rough.

Innovations that dent the universe

Say good-bye to yesterday and hello to future inventions that matter.

Discovery Health's Karren Sanderson knows the business inside out

There are few people at Discovery Health who know the business as intimately as its Chief Operating Officer, Karren Sanderson, who started out as a call centre consultant 20 years ago and has recently become a member of the Discovery Group Executive Committee.

Testing corporate waters for a perfect fit

It's no small coincidence that Lisbon-born Ana Endres, Head of Discovery Health's Strategic Health Services, advises talented young graduates to "try out a few companies" before settling on a corporate culture that fits their needs.

The lasting footprints of trailblazing women

This women's month, we turn the spotlight on four courageous women who continue to challenge expectations and change society.

Masks mean survival for Cape Town clothing factory workers, in more ways than one

Clothing factories based in Cape Town had shut down indefinitely because of the COVID-19 pandemic, until they received an urgent order for items they had never produced before - branded face masks for Discovery and Vitality.

Chad le Clos helps pave the way for young swimmers amidst a pandemic

Discovery Vitality Ambassador and South Africa's most decorated Olympian Chad Le Clos doesn't believe enough is being done to develop young South African swimmers. Together with his sponsors and supporters, he's determined to make a difference

Where there's no why, there's no way

Whatever the challenge - regular exercise, healthy eating, saving money or staying mentally strong - without the answer to why, it can all feel a little too hard to do, and way too easy to give up.

Inspire' Events: The Business of Growth with The Investors

We have more business investment expertise lined up for you in our next Inspire Session this month. Keet van Zyl, Cora Fernandez and Nolo Masite make up our second panel of 'Investors' and are all set to share a wealth of experience and expertise with us in Cape Town during the last week of February.

'Inspire' Events: Building Businesses with The Investors

What does it take to build a business and see it flourish? Bame Pule, Polo Leteka and Clive Butkow are 'The Investors' who have all done it themselves and enjoyed the fruits of their success. Now, they're keen to share their learnings and insights with us at our next Inspire Session in Johannesburg this February.

Inspire events: Strategic planning and embracing trends with The Futurists

What does the future hold? How can businesses evolve to truly benefit from the trends of change? Dion Chang, Bronwyn Williams and Musa Kalenga are 'The Futurists' with the insight and know-how.

Nudging: how we can trick our brains into making healthy habits stick

We are bombarded with new research that shows that by changing our day-to-day habits, we can improve our lives. But how do we just do it? Thanks to insights into human decision-making, we now know how to trick our brains into forming positive, healthy habits.

Why auto-populated email addresses aren't as safe as you think

Many of us rely quite heavily on the efficiency of auto-populated email addresses and auto-correction in our typing. But there are some hidden dangers we ought to be aware of. Here are 7 ways to watch out for cybersquatting.

Inspire events: How creative thinkers became The Community Builders

How do you create longevity in a business built around a sense of community? Our next set of panelists, Arlene Mulder, Sam Bendzula and Shaun Duwe are experienced 'Community Builders' with a creative touch. Join us for the next Inspire Session in Cape Town to find out more

Inspire events: The future of finance

Discovery Business Insurance and Heavy Chef are hosting the next installment of the Inspire session series on 26 November 2019. This time around, we'll be learning about the future of finance with 'The Fintechnologists'.

The Discovery Insure Vitality Drive Sensor wins at the MTN Business Internet of Things (IoT) Awards

Discovery Insure's innovative Vitality Drive Sensor which uses vehicle telematics to accurately track driving behaviour has won the Best Commercial IoT solution in the MTN Business Internet of Things (IoT) Awards

'Inspire' events: Creating successful community platforms

'Inspire' sessions, in partnership with Discovery Business Insurance and Heavy Chef have invited three CEOs who can all truly be proud of the successful community orientated platforms they have created.

'Inspire' events: Inspiring minds lead the way

'Inspire' sessions are hosting the next installment of the series on 29 October 2019. Join 'The Unifiers', Lwando Xaso, Albie Sachs and Robbie Brozin for a fascinating evening discussing what it takes to be one of the best leaders in business.

How behaviour determines your bank balance

Discovery changed the insurance game when it helped a huge proportion of its client base embrace a cleaner-eating, gym-going, safe-driving culture. Now Discovery is going into banking to help people become similarly healthy with their finances. The question is: how?

'Inspire' events: Influencing the masses

The last installment for this month's 'Inspire' sessions, in partnership with Discovery Business Insurance and Heavy Chef is all set to be an insightful discussion around influencer marketing. Join our panel of influencers in Cape Town on 26 September 2019.

'Inspire' events: Making a success of media minefields

'Inspire' sessions, in partnership with Discovery Business Insurance and Heavy Chef are hosting the fourth installment of the series on 19 September 2019. Join the 'Media Mavens', Elizabeth Lee Ming, Richard Poplak and Gareth Cliff for an insightful evening.

'Inspire' events: Learning from 'The Educators' in Cape Town

The third installment of the Discovery Business Insurance and Heavy Chef 'Inspire' series for entrepreneurs saw a panel of educators share a wealth of experience and knowledge to a sell-out crowd. Enlightening the audience were former President, Thabo Mbeki, Sam Paddock and Rapelang Rabana.


Lucas Radebe joins as Vitality Ambassador

Discovery now has a chief in its midst after announcing South African soccer icon Lucas 'Rhoo' Radebe as its latest Discovery Vitality Ambassador. Learn more about this legend and why we're so excited to be working with him in inspiring healthier, more active lifestyles!


Discovery Foundation - leadership, innovation and transformation of healthcare

Discovery Foundation recipients, alumni and leaders in clinical medicine and education came together for the annual Discovery Foundation conference and awards. This year, the Discovery Foundation awarded grants to 42 medical specialist and institutions to the value of R27 million.


'Inspire' events: Extraordinary women to take the stage in Cape Town

Discovery Business Insurance and Heavy Chef are hosting a series of Inspire Sessions for entrepreneurs. Next up on our panel are three exceptional women, Roxy Davis, Hanli Prinsloo and Sizakele Marutlulle.


Introducing Discovery Vitality's

In reaction to the global obesity crisis, we can positively influence people's food choices through innovative products and partnerships.


'Inspire' a new series of events for entrepreneurs

Heavy Chef and Discovery have come together to create a new series of events and learning experiences to inspire entrepreneurs and business owners. Kicking off 'Inspire' in August 2019, are Adrian Gore and Barry Swartzberg.


Pedalling back in time: Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka's milestones

Maya Angelou once said, "If you don't know where you've come from, you don't know where you're going." This year, Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka is heading to their fifth Tour de France. Here's a look at some milestones so far.


Adrian Gore on Discovery's entry into banking: why, and why now?

Adrian Gore, founder and Group Chief Executive of Discovery Limited, explains the motivation behind Discovery's bold move into the well-established South African banking arena...


Discovery launches Business Insurance

On 15 May 2018, Discovery announced the launch of Discovery Business Insurance - a new type of shared value insurance focused on building better and "healthier" businesses.


Tips to safeguard your personal information online

There are a number of ways in which you may be unknowingly putting your personal information at risk when you're engaging or transacting online. Here's what you need to know about protecting your personal information in the digital world.


Are things really bad and getting worse? The case for positive leadership

In this opinion piece by Adrian Gore, founder and Group Chief Executive of Discovery Limited, he argues that while South Africa faces many challenges, only a vision-based leadership that is both clear-sighted and hopeful will help us solve them.


From economic growth to the risk of superbugs at this year's Discovery Leadership Summit 2018

Business leaders, economists and world leaders gathered at the 2018 Discovery Leadership Summit and shared their views on the role of leadership in society. Economic growth, the subject of innovation and behavioural economics were high on the agenda.


How would you make the world healthier?

We asked Lord Jim O'Neill he would make the world healthier and he immediately spoke of tackling the 'greatest global crisis of antimicrobial resistance'. Here, he balances the cost of solving this crisis against the cost of doing nothing.


The innovator's opportunity

Discovery prioritses both people-orientated product design and disruptive innovation. At first glance, it appears the two won't mix, but Harvard Professor, Clayton Christensen - who coined the term "disruptive innovation" - says they can and do.


Caster Semenya, a new kind of hero

Olympic Gold medallist, Commonwealth Games champion, and Discovery Vitality Ambassador, Caster Semenya, talks about the new dawn of personal values in sport - By guest author Gus Silber


Global expert on good days

We sat down with economist, leadership coach and global productivity expert Caroline Webb to get insights from her book, How To Have A Good Day, and some neuroscientific 'brain hacks' to help you flourish at work - both mentally and emotionally.


R7.2 million raised for charity through MoveToGive

Be inspired by learning just how much Vitality Active Rewards members have given back to society by achieving their goals and donating their rewards to fellow South Africans in need.


Changing insurance, for good

Discovery CEO, Adrian Gore, looks back to the start of the Discovery journey and the evolution to where we are today - a business which has been able to align our core purpose of making people healthier, enhancing and protecting lives with our commercial interests.


The water crisis is everyone's crisis. Join us in making a difference

The responsibility to treat water as a precious natural resource is on all of us. Discovery is acting to create more natural water sources, to donate water and to prevent illness in water-scarce areas. Here's how you can be part of these efforts.


How will the increase in VAT be implemented across Discovery?

On 21 February 2018, Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba announced a one percentage point increase in value-added tax (VAT) from 14% to 15%, effective from 1 April 2018.


Sumitomo Life launches Vitality in Japan

Vitality is a compelling behaviour change platform that partners with leading insurers and forward-thinking employers around the world. More than 8 million people globally engage in the Vitality health programme, and as of 24 July 2018, clients in Japan can too.

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